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Kia Picanto model 2009

Kia Picanto model 2009, have had it for 3 years. Parts replaced: top gasket (water and oil were mixing), timing belt, 2 oil seals close to timing belt, link bars and .stabilizer bar bushes, battery, aircon belt, alternator belt, starter engine brushes, timing sensor. Aircon good, power steering good. No power windows. Mileage about 127,000 km. Defects: left rear window mechanism not good, body work not super. CD player plays half of the time (some bad contact). Battery may have discharged. One water pipe broke and was fixed up but needs replacement. Now ECU has broken down and needs replacement. Car is not driving now. Not interested in keeping it, selling as is. Summary of essential work: water pipe needs replacement (if not needs water every day), ECU needs replacement, battery needs to be re-charged.
60000 SCR
(+248) 2500341
Frank Van K.